WEEK 1-2

  • Ambulate TTWB in Bledsoe Brace locked in Full Extension
  • Limit Range of Motion from 0° to 70°
  • Range of Motion Active / Active-Assisted / Passive
  • Quadriceps and Hamstring stretching
  • Quadriceps Strengthening, V.M.O. Strengthening
  • Begin Straight Leg Raises (Knee in Full Extension)
  • Electrical Stimulation for Quadriceps

WEEK 3-4

  • May progress ROM from 0° to 90°
  • Ambulate with brace locked in extension until 6 weeks post op (may unlock while seated)
  • PWB (50%) progressing to WBAT by 4 weeks post op then wean crutches
  • May Begin Exercise Bike, Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises

WEEK 5-6

  • Progress to full ROM
  • Discontinue brace at 6 weeks post op
  • Return to Running 3-4 months
  • Return to Full Sports 4-5 months

*Please note: The instructions for rehabilitation protocols are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Allen or his staff should supersede the instructions above and should be followed. If you have questions regarding your rehabilitation protocol, please contact a member of our team.