Hank Berger, Rotator cuff repair

Hank Berger didn’t let a torn rotator cuff slow him down!

Hank saw Dr. Allen for not only a rotator cuff repair, but Dr. Allen also took care of his left triceps tear, right biceps tear, and his torn rotator cuff.  He tells us they are all “like new!”

3 years post-surgery, Hank won the American Championship Gold Medal at age 65.

His combined “snatch / clean n jerk” is 336lbs or 153 kg

  • For those of us who aren’t Gold Medal Lifters: A snatch means he lifts the weighted bar from the floor to overhead in one fluid movement. In the clean-n-jerk, the barbell is lifted from the floor to the shoulders. All of that combined, Hank lifts nearly double his bodyweight off the floor, and over his head (and makes it look effortless.)

Here’s what he has to say 3 years later:

“Dr Allen performed 3 surgeries on me -He is incredibly gifted and an amazing Human !!!”

And to Dr. Allen:

“Dr Allen !!!!! Wats up …..can’t say I miss you lol

Keeping up the journey and competitive mindset

Just took the Carolina State record for my age group! Won the Gold at American Championship and now ranked #1 in USA and in December will be on Team USA for world championships 💪not bad for a Humpty Dumpty lol.

December 2 nd I will be lifting for Team USA in the Olympic Lifting Masters World championships…hope we can get on the podium and share that story as well 😊

All a big thanks to your amazing gift and awesomeness!

Be Well – Only the best”

-Hank Berger

Special thanks to Hank for the update!