16 Weeks:

  • Use of Sling (Immobilization length dependent upon procedure)
  • Active ROM Wrist and Hand only for 1st 2 weeks
  • Introduce Active ROM Elbow (following 1st post op evaluation)

46 Weeks: Discontinue sling use (approx. 6 weeks post op).

  • Begin Active Physical Therapy at 46 week mark (dependent on surgery)
  • Begin Active Assist ROM and advance to Active as Tolerated
  • Elevation in scapular plane and external rotation as tolerated No Internal rotation or behind back until 6wks.
  • Begin Cuff Isometrics at 6wks with arm at the side

612 Weeks: Active Assist to Active ROM Shoulder As Tolerated

  • Elevation in scapular plane and external rotation to tolerance Begin internal rotation as tolerated
  • Light stretching at end ranges
  • Cuff Isometrics with the arm at the side
  • Upper Body Ergometer

312 Months Advance to full ROM as tolerated with passive stretching at end ranges

  • Advance strengthening as tolerated: isometrics →  bands →  light weights → (15 lbs); 812 reps/23 sets per rotator cuff, deltoid, and scapular stabilizers
  • Only do strengthening 3x/week to avoid rotator cuff tendonitis
  • Begin eccentrically resisted motions, plyometrics (ex. Weighted ball toss), proprioception (i.e. body blade, ) .
  • Thrower’s 10 Program & Advanced Thrower’s 10 Program
  • Begin sports specific rehab at 4 ½ months, including advanced conditioning Return to throwing at 6 months
  • Throw from pitcher’s mound at 9 months collision sports at 9 months

*Please note: The instructions for rehabilitation protocols are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Allen or his staff should supersede the instructions above and should be followed. If you have questions regarding your rehabilitation protocol, please contact a member of our team.