Post-Operative Rehabilitation Guidelines for Shoulder Arthroscopy Debridement

0-4 Weeks:

  • Sling for Comfort (1-2 days) then discontinue
  • Passive to Active shoulder ROM as tolerated
  • 140° Forward Flexion
  • 40° External Rotation with arm at side
  • Internal rotation behind back with gentle posterior capsule stretching
  • No rotation with arm in abduction until 4 wks
  • With distal clavicle excision, refrain from cross body adduction until 8wks.
  • Grip Strength, Elbow/Wrist/Hand ROM
  • Codmans Pendulum Exercises
  • Avoid Abduction and 90/90 ER until 8wks

4-8 Weeks:

  • Advance ROM as tolerated (Goals FF to 160°, ER to 60°)
  • Begin Isometric exercises
  • Progress deltoid isometrics
  • ER/IR (submaximal) at neutralAdvance to theraband as tolerated

8-12 Weeks:

  • Advance to full, painless ROM
  • Continue strengthening as tolerated
  • Begin eccentrically resisted motion and closed chain activities
  • Only do strengthening 3times/wk to avoid rotator cuff tendonitis

*Please note: The instructions for rehabilitation protocols are general guidelines to be followed; however, any written or verbal instructions provided by Dr. Allen or his staff should supersede the instructions above and should be followed. If you have questions regarding your rehabilitation protocol, please contact a member of our team.